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Business Continuity Management

The ability of an organisation to continue operating during a disruption is vital to its survival. ICS can implement a full Business Continuity Management System or advise on your Business Continuity strategy and plan.

Crisis Management & Emergency Planning

Effective Emergency Planning is critical to successful Crisis Management and ICS will ensure your business processes for both aspects of emergency management are effectively integrated.

Organisational & Personal Development

Training is vital to realise the full potential of your staff in achieving an effective response and to gain a return on your investment in business continuity, crisis management and emergency planning.

The Nuclear Industry

From operational to executive level, ICS understands the risks associated with business continuity and emergency incidents on nuclear sites. We are a UK lead in Recovery Planning specific to the nuclear industry.

Corporate Risk and Cyber Security

Cyber-attack is currently rated as the number one risk for businesses and organisations and should attract a proportionate level of corporate attention to resilience.

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