Crisis Management and Emergency Planning

Crisis Management is the process by which an organisation deals with an emergency, crisis or disaster that threatens to harm the organisation, it's stakeholders or the general public.

Actions taken during the early stages of an incident or crisis will significantly alter the outcome for your organisation: a fast effective response can shorten a crisis and minimise its impact; a random, uncoordinated response will almost certainly exacerbate it.

Emergency Planning

Effective Emergency Planning is critical to successful crisis management and ICS will ensure your business processes for both aspects of emergency management are effectively integrated.

Our emergency planners have a UK-wide reputation for excellence and work to UK Cabinet Office Guidelines in producing Emergency Response and Recovery Plans.

Crisis Management and Emergency Planning Solutions

ICS will guide you towards effective:

  • Crisis and Emergency plan development
  • Training, testing and exercising of Crisis Management and Emergency Response plans
  • Effective integration of Business Continuity plans with Crisis Management and Emergency Response plans
  • Command and leadership training
  • Communication and command post development

All our solutions align to BS 11200:2014, the Crisis Management Guidance and Good Practice guidelines and UK Government advice.

ICS's integrated approach

Our integrated approach to Crisis Management and Emergency Planning will provide you with not just the plan, but also the critical tools and activities that make the plan work. Your staff will have access to:

  • Clear guidelines and action cards to guide on activation and response
  • The knowledge and skills to implement plans and procedures effectively
  • The appropriate equipment and facilities to support each other through an incident or crisis

This approach will increase the chances of a successful outcome and minimise the impact on your organisation and staff.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you and your team and would like to thank you for the excellent training you have provided our EMT. Everybody who has attended the course has come away feeling more confident in themselves and their own abilities, as well as their competencies relating to the ER roles they are aligned to. Long may it continue.

Tony Perry, ESS Specialist

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