Organisational and Personal Development

Organisational Learning

ICS uses a clear, succinct and structured debrief process to ensure individual and organisational learning after events and invocations.

This process is positive and transparent leading to definable outcomes. It includes an action tracking tool to monitor progress and ensure continuous improvement.


Positive and strong leadership skills have a significant impact on management of crises and incidents right from the start. ICS can deliver leadership workshops, use of developmental assessment tools, and training for commanders and managers at all levels of response.

Personal Development

Training is vital to realise the full potential of your staff in achieving an effective response and to gain a return on your investment in business continuity, crisis management and emergency planning.

Our training will ensure all staff are equipped with the skills and competencies they need to perform confidently and at their best.

We develop training solutions specifically tailored for each client, based on training needs analysis and an understanding of your business objectives, culture and the roles and level of expertise of your staff.

The principal features of the courses ICS offer are:

  • Proficiency - ICS use expertise and knowledge of industry best practice, real life examples and relevant case studies to bring training alive and illustrate key learning points
  • Interactivity – Learning is designed to promote active participation through discussion, experiential learning and thereby stimulate interest ultimately resulting in successful outcomes
  • Accountability – Course design will ensure your organisation delivers specific, definable learning outcomes to staff. This can include course evaluation and personal assessment by A1 and V1 qualified aseessors
  • Flexibility – Courses are bespoke and so can be exact in terms of client requirements
  • Relevant and as realistic as possible without doing it for real.

    EDFE, Site Incident Controller

  • Excellent as always! Really enjoy emergency response training and look forward to it every year. It helps build confidence for a real incident.

    EDFE, Site Main Controller

  • Every member of the senior management team should go on this course. And then return to this training event every 2-3 years.

    Risk Manager, CMT member, City of London Insurance company

  • Brilliantly tailored to suit current COVID situation. Realistic scenario. Good feedback.

    SIte Main Controller, Upper Tier COMAH SIte.

  • I’ve really enjoyed working with you and your team and would like to thank you for the excellent training you have provided our EMT. Everybody who has attended the course has come away feeling more confident in themselves and their own abilities, as well as their competencies relating to the ER roles they are aligned to. Long may it continue.

    ESS Specialist, Upper Tier COMAH site

  • Very enjoyable and stimulating course. I genuinely feel better prepared than I did before the course.

    Operations Manager, CMT member, City of London Insurance company

  • Well run course, pitched at a good level and liked interactivity.

    Facilities Manager, CMT member, City of London Insurance company

  • The course, as always, was superb. Thanks

    EDFE, Site Incident Controller

  • Really informative; very different to what I expected (in a good way!). Exercises were of a good length. Trainers were extremely knowledgeable. Role plays were well constructed.

    IT Executve Manager, CMT member, City of London Insurance company

  • A+ as normal. Great staff.

    G4S Security Manager

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